Frequently asked questions

  • What is Diffairent?

    Diffairent is the first REAL sharing economy website for property owners.

    The target is, that all owners worldwide shares not only the promotion of their accommodations, but also receive part of the profit of Diffairent.

  • What do I have to do as a property owner to become a member of Diffairent?

    To join Diffairent it´s imperative to register at least one property in the website.

  • What chances do I´ve got, to make profit, if I become a member of Diffairent?

    In the homepage of the website, press "I want to register". There, you will find a box that explains the 3 plans that we offer.

  • What advantages do I´ve got with an own Diffairent website?

    • It´s very easy to create, as it´s a sub-website of Diffairent and it looks very similar. You´ll have to choose a domain and in 24-48 hours you can start to design it. It takes only few minutes. Choose a title (same or similar to your domain), a corporate image and insert the accommodations you want to promote
    • In your homepage, you can promote your property or any property you want from other members. Feel free to choose!
    • The search engine will be integrated in your website. This way, if your property is not available or the traveler decides for another destination, it´s not needed to left your website.
    • Feel free to thematize your website and add experiences that are in line with the properties you promote. This way, create new touristic products! For example, promote vine tourism or surf tourism, offering optional vine tasting or surf courses, etc. Choose from the Diffairent database the experiences you you want to offer.
    • Diffairent will share with you all commissions of the bookings made through your website. For the cooperation, you will get the half, 3,5% for all bookings of accommodations. Also, you will get 3,5%, the half of the commissions for experiences made through your website.
    • You can promote your website as you want, in social media, etc. The profit you will get from Diffairent depends only, on how you get involved.

  • As an owner, can I only get one website from Diffairent?

    You can get as many websites as properties you´ve added to the website. If you´ve discharged 5 properties, you can get 5 websites from Diffairent.

  • As a member, how much does a website from Diffairent cost and what is included?

    If you sign up before June 30, 2016 you will pay only 25 € the first year and up from the 1st of July it will cost 49 Euros/year. YOUR domain and the maintainance of your website is included. All the administrative and financial part of all bookings will be managed by Diffairent.

  • If I decide to go ahead with my own Diffairent website, do I have to be registered as a Touristic Intermediary?

    NO, because you do not manage the bookings. In any case, it is a sub-website of Diffairent and all the proceedings, the contact with the users and the payments will be managed by Diffairent. You will act only as a cooperator.

  • What do I´ve got to do, apart from the design for my Diffairent website?


    All booking proceedings will be made by Diffairent. From your website, you´ve got the control about all the bookings made and the profit you will receive. Diffairent is responsible for all the administrative and financial part of all bookings.

  • I already have a website, but I wanna cooperate with Diffairent. How can I do it?

    If you´ve got your own website, you´ve got 2 options:

    • You have the possibility to insert the search engine from Diffairent in your website, to offer worldwide properties from the network system. This way, your offer will get increased and you will share the commissions from all bookings made with Diffairent. That means, that you will receive 3,5% commission for all bookings made through the search engine of Diffairent.
    • You can insert the search engine in your website and also create your own Diffairent sub-website to expand your buisiness. Have a look at: "What advantages do I´ve got with an own Diffairent website?"
  • I´m responsible for bookings made through my own website, but through the search engine of Diffairent?

    Diffairent is responsable for all the administrative and financial part of all bookings made through the search engine from Diffairent.

  • I´m a member of Diffairent. When do I get my commissions?

    Sign in and you will find the button "my commissions". There, you will find all reservations listed with the date of issue, the arrival date of the traveler and the corresponding commissions. Always, each commission will be transfered 48 hours after arrival of the traveler.

  • What are the advantages to only insert my property in the website of Diffairent?

    You will be sure, that all members worldwide will promote your property through the network sistem of Diffairent. Members, that have a sub-website from Diffairent, as members that have their own websites with the search engine from Diffairent. The advertising of your property is infinite!

  • In case, that I decide to only add my property to diffairent. How much does it cost?

    Diffairent charges 7% commission of the value of each booking.

  • As a property owner, when do I get my rents?

    If you sign in as an owner, you will see a button "my rents". There, you will see all the bookings made. Diffairent will transfer the rents automatically 48 hours after arrival of each traveler

  • What is a provider of "experiences"?

    A provider of experiences is any person or businessperson, abel to provide for a traveler new experience, like paragliding, a trip with a helicopter, wine tasting, surf courses, guided trekking tours, wellness, sport activities, etc.

  • What do I have to do to become a member of Diffairent as provider of "experiences"?

    To be a provider of experiences, you´ve got to join diffairent and to insert at least one "experience". It´s very important to specify exactly what is included and the total price. Also, it´s very important to indicate exactly the location. This way, the owners will bee adviced to offer your experience

  • I wanna be provider of "experiences" with Diffairent. How much does it cost?

    Diffairent charges 7% commission of the total price of the experience.

  • Only travelers that have booked an accommodation with Diffairent can buy "experiences"?

    No. Anyone, from any country in the world can book only an experience with Diffairent, even without booking an accommodation.

  • When do I charge my "experiences" from Diffairent?

    If you sign in, you will find a button "my experiences". There, you can check your bookings. Diffairent will transfer the balance automatically 48 hours, after reservation date of each "experience".

  • As provider of an "experience". What am I responsible of?

    You are responsible for the veracity of your advertisement and the fulfillment of the agreement with the traveler, as well as for the legality of your activity. In no case, Diffairent is responsible for the legality of your business or tax cumpliance, or any other eventuality that apply to you as a service provider. In case of fraud or claim, Diffairent reserves the right, to take as legal actions as are appropiate